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Ask Without Shame | Anonymous Sex Education
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Ask us your question!
Ask Without Shame provides emergency sex education via mobile to you via android app, WhatsApp, a toll free line and SMS. Our medical experts and coaches are available to assist you with the right information regarding sexuality.
About Us

Ask Without Shame was launched in December 2015 and has responded to over 80,000 questions of over 50,000 users. We have been able to debunk myths, stop probable HIV transmissions and unwanted pregnancies and improve the health and relationship life of many users.

We are also conducting specific needs based awareness trainings in local communities across Uganda and have trained peer educators using the FAQs from our users.

The current goal is to reach over 1.000.000 youth in East Africa.

The Android App

The Ask Without Shame android application makes it possible for teens and young adults to access through their mobile phones accurate information about sex

With an easy to use an intuitive user interface the application makes it possible to quickly access information from a wide variety of areas.In the event that the user doesnt find the information needed from the existing categories the option to ask an Ask Without Shame is presented all the while guranteeing the users privacy.

Do you have a sexual problem or question ?

Are you afraid to tell or ask anyone?

We answer all your questions for free and without judgement.You dont have to give us your identity.Our medical experts will assist you any time, whatever question you have regarding: Sex, Hiv, STDS, Body Changes, Contraception, Pregnancy and more…

Dial/text or WhatsApp +256706666001

Ask Without Shame Team

Ruth Nabembezi

Founder and Director

Etienne Salborn

Co-Founder and Strategy

Dr. Florian Schneider

Medical Supervisor

Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists and Coaches

Our Team

Doctors, Nurses
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